Traditional immunotherapy

After skin prick testing and your allergy vials are made, one option, if so desired, is to undergo Traditional Allergy Immunotherapy. During the induction phase, one starts out receiving one shot (up to four) composed of a cocktail of all allergens that showed initial positivity on the skin prick test.

You would receive a shot (or shots) once a week for about six (6) months. Initially, the cocktail is dilute, and over time, gets more concentrated. After about six (6) months, you will get to a maintenance dose.

Once you get to maintenance dosing, you will receive shots once every month for 3-5 years. The principle as to how allergy immunotherapy works is that over time one develops greater tolerance to those allergens so as to minimize symptoms when you are exposed to the allergen in the “real world”.

It is important to receive these shots in the presence of an Allergist due to the risk of Anaphylaxis (which is a serious life-threatening allergic reaction which usually occurs within few seconds or minutes of exposure to allergic substances. This involves hives, swelling and sudden drop in the blood pressure and sometimes shock). Although this rarely occurs with traditional immunotherapy, it is easily treated with Epinephrine.

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Author: Dr. Amanda Trott, MD
NPI number: 1568653756