Food allergy testing

If there is suspicion of an allergy to food(s), either skin prick testing or blood testing can be initially performed (It should be noted that in order to reduce the possibility of false negatives, the patient must be off antihistamines for 5 days prior to testing). However, the gold standard for food allergy testing is a food challenge, in which the patient can consume the suspected food in an office setting (at the allergist’s office) and be observed for some time for a possible reaction. This is done while in the presence of your allergist in case therapeutic intervention (ie: antihistamines, epinephrine) is necessary if the patient develops a reaction. If an allergy to a food item is ruled out, this provides the patient with reassurance that they need not avoid that food product for their lifetime, which can be quite a hassle.

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Author: Dr. Amanda Trott, MD
NPI number: 1568653756