Cluster immunotherapy

An alternate option to Traditional Immunotherapy is Cluster Immunotherapy. Although the principle is exactly the same, the main difference is that you receive multiple rounds of shots on each visit (once a week) during your induction phase. Ideally, this allows you to reach your maintenance levels in 8 (eight) weeks rather that ~24 weeks. Once you get to maintenance, you will have a similar maintenance schedule of one visit every month for 3-5 years.

Again, the main advantage is the decreased amount of time it takes to get to maintenance dosing. However, there is an increased risk of developing Anaphylaxis with this regimen, as you are exposed to ~3 times the amount of allergen on each visit relative to the traditional immunotherapy regimen.

It is important to receive relatively concentrated cocktails of allergens, as this is way one builds tolerance. Often times, those with little experience or education in Allergy Immunotherapy opt for extremely dilute cocktails of allergens. These cocktails, when too dilute, do not elicit the immunogenic response in order to develop tolerance and any benefit is likely due to placebo effect.

The reason one clinician might opt for an extremely dilute regimen is the likelihood of developing Anaphylaxis is virtually zero. Although minimizing this risk sounds great, one is likely to develop little, if any tolerance to those allergens.

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Author: Dr. Amanda Trott, MD
NPI number: 1568653756